My Kind

SCULPTURE Vrou en kind beeld

My Child

Van die eerste dag van jou wording,

van daai eerste gewaarwording,mdie wete jy is,

het ek jou beskerm.

Van daai eerste oomblik wat ek jou slap lyfie vasgehou het,

het ek belowe ek sal jou altyd beskerm na die beste van my vermoe.

Toe jy jou eerste seerkry gehad het,

het ek my arms vertroostend om jou gevou.

Toe jy jou knee nerf af geval het,

het ek jou opgelig en vertroos.

So se God is Sy liefde vir ons.

Hy sit ook Sy arms om ons as ons seerkry,

Hy lig ons ook op as ons val.


In jou grootmens lewe

as ek nie naby is om jou vas te hou nie,

weet dat God daar is,


Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air!

October is such a beautiful month in South Africa

the flowers are blooming

promising of new beginnings

new life

fresh ideas

and a new way of seeing

or perceiving things.

Suddenly you feel like spring cleaning

want to scrub all the dust out

wash all the curtains and even add new ones

rearrange the furniture

or if you have the money

revamp the whole lot!

For me spring mean something spiritual too

like the above

it is time to let go of the old

and take your life to a whole new level

may it be in choices

or in dreams.

For me

I’m letting go of the old

and I’m putting on my feather wings

reaching for the sun

ever rising above the normal

the simple

the materialistic

and search for that what is everlasting

a Spiritual Haven

for this weary soul.

May spring mean something special for you too.

Pewter Mask


A Spaceman Came Travelling

Chris De Burgh

A spaceman came travelling on his ship from afar,
‘Twas light years of time since his mission did start,
And over a village he halted his craft,
And it hung in the sky like a star, just like a star…

He followed a light and came down to a shed,
Where a mother and child were lying there on a bed,
A bright light of silver shone round his head,
And he had the face of an angle, and they were afraid…

Then the stranger spoke, he said “Do not fear,
I come from a planet a long way from here,
And I bring a message for mankind to hear,”
And suddenly the sweetest music filled the air…

And it went La La…
Peace and goodwill to all men, and love for the child…

This lovely music went trembling through the ground,
And many were wakened on hearing that sound,
And travellers on the road, the village they found,
By the light of that ship in the sky, which shone all round…

And just before dawn at the paling of the sky,
The stranger returned and said “Now I must fly,
When two thousand years of your time has gone by,
This song will begin once again, to a baby’s cry…”

And it went La La … This song will begin once again
To a baby’s cry…
And it goes La La…Peace and goodwill to all men, and

Love for the child…

Oh the whole world is waiting, waiting to hear the song again,
There are thousands standing on the edge of the world,
And a star is moving somewhere, the time is nearly here,
This song will begin once again, to a baby’s cry…


Now you might wonder why I have chosen this song to go with this …

Well, I woke one night and was filled with inspiration to make something of Pewter.  Problem was … I had no Pewter and I was far from town and could not just go and buy some supplies quickly.  So I opt for a piece of heavy oven foil and sat down to work.  My first try was a mess and I have to start over again, working very slowly and painstaking carefully.  The image came from my minds archives and I did what I felt was right.

After finished the “mask” I made some Plaster of Paris and pour it in on the back to make it firm and to keep form.  Again I learned that I had to take time and be careful not to mess it up.  After it had set and I have again smoothed it down carefully, I needed something to place it on.

Driven by a strange force, I knew exactly what to use as I prepared it already weeks before for “something” but did not know then yet what.  Now that I have this mask in fake Pewter, I knew why I made the frame and golden background out of a piece of wood and a frame my Dad made me the year before that was never used before!

When I placed and glued it in place, again I had this unknown guidance and inspiration for the jewelry that must go with it.  I fashioned it too from the thick oven foil and impressed a form in each little piece. I cut it out and wrapped and glued it around cardboard that I have drawn the design on and bend it to look like metal plate pieces and my jewelry skill and tools came in handy.  The mask was given the accessory of jewelry.  There was one piece more, but I did not add it, as it looked very odd and I did not know how to incorporate it in my apparent “Africa Mask”.

But as I finished the corners in that fashion, I wondered where this inspiration came from.  I start to Google to find similar masks, and none was there and the image was not typical Africa, nor Inca or Mayan or any other form.  Then I opened an email that came to me a few days before with the image off a Crop Circle.  I never opened it nor looked into it and by doing so I recognized my Jewelry design and I could only say …

A spaceman came travelling on his ship from afar,
‘Twas light years of time since his mission did start,
And over a village he halted his craft,
And it hung in the sky like a star, just like a star…

So to me this was not just a normal crafty inspiration, but the opening of new doors of interests and a very strange road indeed.  Crop circles are also of the unexplained art found to be made in strange ways on the canvases of our Earth …

Was I inspired for a reason?  Maybe I had to blog about it, displaying it to the world to see and to read my story for a reason … as NOTHING is coincidence I believe.

Makes one wonder …

Have a Blessed weekend and keep well.



Saturday we had a good day at the Maplotter Fest in Cullinan and now I have to make more jewelry to sell for this Saturday.  It’s always fun to design, create and see how the new pieces turn out.  Tomorrow is pricing and packing.

The above picture is just one of the pieces sold.

What better compliment when a piece of jewelry made by you are hanging around a customers neck … the showpiece for all to see.  A positive advertisement and not just something to compliment an outfit. Only the best and finest become the pieces that will be wear time and time again.  

I just love it when someone passes me and I recognized one of my jewelry pieces, as I know there is just one of each and every piece is made with love and devotion and one of a kind.  Unique as the person that wears it.

Have a Blessed day and keep well 🙂

Hello blogger friends!

"Iris Splendor"

“Iris Splendor” Painting


As an artist it is sometimes hard to be inspired and to paint what you see or feel.  I am lucky that when I have a painters block I can always write 😀 … may it be poems or what ever I feel like.  This space is for just that, sharing my thoughts, my arts and crafts with all.

Have  a  Blessed day 🙂